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Day 5 :Redsi: Driving Lessons

day 3 rosi



Day 4 :Redsi: Learned how to use chopsticks..kinda


yum yum yum!

Day 3 :Redsi:Party all night long


free drinks, cheap alcohol, no memories.. must repeat

Day 2 :Redsi: My first LIVE football game ever

day 2 rosi

i’ve never been to a stadium before. it was ECSTATIC!

everyone was screaming, singing, jumping, clapping.. OMG 33 000 people !!!

Day 1 :Redsi: World’s Most Dangerous Predator

day 1 rosi

she’s small, white, cute, jumpy, fluffy and she’ll eat your alive

That’s my little bunny, called Sunny. She truly is like a little sun. When I’m feeling down i just play with her for 5 minutes and everything gets better. Cheaper than therapy (х.